Anonymous asked: where can i find the video of hannah saving ooo party girls besides the one with her and grace?

this isnt rocket science people

Anonymous asked: Can you do the "when I first saw grace with no makeup, I was thinking 'wow, this girl is really beautiful'...oh wait that was mamrie!"

you’re going to have to tell me what video it is from, my dear anon

Anonymous asked: Could you make a gif of Hannah doing the "ooh ooh party girls ooh ooh" in the New Orleans Hello, Harto! please? (:

it is my second next priority

popsiclesandbuttz asked: Hey! Could you make a gif of Hannah and Mamrie dancing and singing "I'm a leaf"? It's about 6 minutes in to 'Mamrie Hart's Gin and Bear it!' Thank youuu! xo

it is my next priority

Anonymous asked: hannah shocking herself with a dirty joke in the best friend tag video with grace.

im on it